The following materials are published in the Journal:

1. The results of original research in the priority areas of medical, dental and pharmaceutical sciences.

2. Works on fundamental and applied problems in the following specialties: 221 — dentistry, 222 — medicine, 226 — pharmacy, industrial pharmacy, 228 — pediatrics:
— genetics and applied aspects of medical genetics;
— biophysical and morphofunctional characteristics of body cells in various types of pathology;
— work on the latest cell technologies;
— the latest developments in the field of general and clinical pharmacology and pharmacy;
— achievements in the field of studying the etiology, pathogenesis and diagnosis of modern diseases;
— disease prevention, vaccination, prevention of especially dangerous diseases.

3. Experimental manuscripts, reviews, clinical cases, novel methods and technologies on current issues of dentistry, medicine, pediatrics, and pharmacy.

The journal publishes articles in Ukrainian and English.