Morbidity of population of Ukraine from cardiovascular diseases and its first place ranking in the structure of total mortality indicates a growing prevalence of this pathology and unfavorable indicator of population health. A large arsenal of drugs used in the treatment of diseases of the cardiovascular system is not always satisfies both clinicians because of their lack of effectiveness and the presence of side effects. So today there is an intensive search for new molecules with cardioprotective effect, on the basis of which it would be possible to create more effective and safe drugs. In this regard, our attention was attracted to adamantane derivatives: 1-(1-adamantyl-1-ethoxy)-3-(N-methyl morpholino)-2-propanol iodide (UK-76).

The aim: to characterize the efficacy of UK-76 in the treatment of experimental adrenalin heart damage in rats; to evaluate the impact of UK-76 on the level of adenyl nucleotides in the myocardium and activity of marker enzymes cytolysis cardiomyocytes in serum of rats adrenal myocardiodystrophy model.

Administration of compound UK-76 also significantly hampered the development gypoenergetic state under AMD and performance is not inferior cordarone application. Thus, the rats in the “AMD+UK-76” group at the 2nd and 8th day ATP content was higher in 76.3 and 72.5%, and the content of ADP was lower by 30.2 and 52.8 % and AMP — 29.9 and 43.3%, correspondingly, than in the control group of rats.

The study showed that the compound UK-76 as well as сordaron is able to significantly inhibit the growth of activity markers of ischemic myocardial injury CK and AST, which is especially noticeable on 2nd day of the study. It was agreed with the decline in mortality.